Hello, world!

 After spending my formative years being dragged to the beach as a part of my mom's to-the-beach-once-a-week plan, seeing the Disney classic, The Little Mermaid, changed my world. Ariel made life under the sea glamorous, with her flowing red hair and fun fish confidant, Flounder. Instead of dreading the goopy sunscreen application, I was strapping myself into my car seat with anticipation hours before it was time to go. (Don't worry, my mom humored me and opened all of the doors of our minivan while I did this.) I wanted to be a mermaid.

Pre-K Halloween photo by my dad

Now, after years of beach-going, swim lessons and swim practices, I am about as close to a mermaid as my Pre-K self could have imagined. While the seaweed is definitely greener in the movie than in the competition pool, I wouldn't trade it for anything. 

So here are the over-chlorinated musings of a journalism student whose life is spent in two worlds. I hope you enjoy!