We made it!

 Yesterday my group left Lexington, Ky for London! For me it was more stressful than normal because in addition to packing, which I hate, I also had to move out of my on-campus apartment that I had been living in this summer. Luckily, I was blessed by being able to move directly into my dorm room. Phew!

My friend Courtney and her mom, Alesia picked me and Phillip up to go to the airport. On our way to get food, a member of our group who was at the airport called to inform us that our first flight from Lexington to Chicago was delayed due to weather, making it nearly impossible to catch our international flight. The airline had switched her flight, and after calling the airline, the airline had agreed to switch my flight too. Courtney, however, was not as successful with her airline operator. Because of this, we decided to wait to switch our flights until we were at the airport and after the kiosk clerk switched us, we were good to go.

This is Courtney and me on our international flight before we were squished by the people ahead of us.

On our first flight, we found a friend who was an incoming UK freshman going to see the equestrian events in London. She joined our group as we got lost in O'Hare and even took turns as we went off in small groups to get food and use the restroom. We lost her after customs in Heathrow.

Here is our group +Ali, in baggage claim in Heathrow.

While getting our bags, the Olympic team from Croatia was getting theirs!

We then were joined by our Prof and took taxis to our cute house in London! I swear that the taxi ride took an eternity. We were all so tired and hungry that it was an adventure, to say the least. While on the way, we drove through downtown and saw some sights. Here is a pic from the cab. Better pics to come, I promise!

Left is Big Ben, right is the London Eye. Taken from taxi cab.
We finally got out of our taxi! (to the right)

Our humble abode complete with pretty flowers!

That's all for tonight, folks! It's late here and I am so, so jet lagged. 
See ya later!