Catching the torch and some fish

Today we started with a goal:  find the torch. It was paraded around London today and ended up in Hyde Park because the Opening Ceremony is tomorrow. We caught the torch at two stops: Sloane Square and Downing Street (where the Prime Minister lives). At the first stop, we just saw it go by but at the second stop, we were surprised by the wealth of knowledge that a very patriotic man dressed up on the street gave us like the fact that U.S. presidential candidate Mitt Romney was behind the very gates we were standing across from. Who knew?

This is David Weeks. He dresses up in honor of all of the major events in England. His last trip up from his home several hours away was for the Royal Wedding. He likes to share his joy and knowledge of England with others. 
After catching the torch, which you can see on our WLEX site when it's posted, we worked on a bunch of human interest stories around downtown London. It was really cool to see the iconic structures in real life. 
Here is my team working on a video package for WLEX.

We finished up our day with a meal in Borough Market and of course, we got fish and chips. It. Was. Yummy. 

Bottled coke, fish and chips with salt and vinegar. Mmm.

Thus concludes day two. :)