You know the the little torch-chasing thing I told you about? Well, it's up today! Check it and some of the other stuff out on LEX18's Asbury University at the Olympics page. It's cool to see our packages come to life. 

Today we focused on completing packages and writing articles. After a long day of staring at our computer screens, we tried to catch the Opening Ceremonies at Trafalgar Square. However, the screen that we thought would be there wasn't there, so we enjoyed the patriotic atmosphere surrounding the countdown clock that was at the square. A large group of rowdy Americans were shouting "USA! USA! USA!" with their red, white and blue garb and Budweiser products in hand. Nearby the French sat posed with their Flag and a group from Mexico was cheering and dancing. As I was getting a sense of everything going on, the clouds opened up and we started to get really wet. (Not as bad as Kentucky rain, though, or Florida's thunderstorms for that matter!) We ended up taking the tube back to our cute house and turned on the BBC. I'm still waiting for the Americans to walk in!

Here is a poor, unsuspecting man in front of the countdown clock in Trafalgar's square.

And for the big exciting news.....
I get to see fencing tomorrow!! Our school got us tickets. I am so excited!

Day 3=productive and exciting. So fun.

:) Hillary