Strangely Warmed

My formative years coincided with my dad's seminary years. I have a feeling that most kids aren't quizzed on Methodist trivia or what songs Charles Wesley wrote at the dinner table or on the way to school (while the John-boy and Billy show was on, I might add). Today, I went with my friends Courtney and Will to a church service at John Wesley's chapel in downtown London. 

This was taken yesterday when we missed the tour. It was taken with love by Cameron, a member of our team. 
Interestingly enough, Wesley's Chapel partnered with the Leysian Mission in the 80s and the two distinct styles of worship are blended in a church service that I incorrectly assumed would be super frozen-chosen traditional. Afterwards we were invited for refreshments and enjoyed some tea and biscuits before we snooped around the property. 

The stained glass windows were beautiful and the panels beneath them displayed creeds that we affirm regularly.

Aldersgate Street in downtown is where Wesley felt the Holy Spirit in a way that made his heart feel "strangely warmed". Wesley's Chapel is not located on Aldersgate Street.

Wesley's pulpit with a spiral staircase. 

Afterwards we went back to our house and attempted to work on assignments but Courtney and I ended up falling asleep. I am still not on London time! We later found ourselves in the Lego store and made people for each of the members of our group there. 
Where am I?

Today was a nice day to reset and accomplish some assignments but tomorrow starts another day of packages!