Strangely Strange

Somedays strange things just happen. Here are the things that happened to me and my group today:

1.) We were told by city officials how to get alcohol without asking them to tell us. We were simply taking a picture in Westminster. (To be completely honest, we don't want to know!)

2.) We met an Egyptian swimmer who swims for Southern Illinois University, where a friend of mine's dad swam and the coach knew him. 

This is Courtney, Egyptian swimmer Mazen Aziz, his coach Rick Walker and me outside of Buckingham palace.

3.) We took the wrong way every time. On accident. We were always on the wrong side of the fence!

4.) Becca found her cousin unexpectedly while shooting a segment. She knew he was in London but there were no plans for today!

  This is Becca and her cousin whose name I do not remember.

5.) While shooting b-roll footage, Garrett Weber-Gale, a 2008 Olympic swimmer who was on the relay that made the comeback, walked by. I didn't realize it was him until it was too late. He was representing his company, Athletic Foodie.

6.) While shooting a package, a man asked to take a picture with Becca and me because he thought we were Irish. We're pretty sure it was her Ireland sweatshirt and my green cardigan paired with my red hair. After telling him that I wasn't, in fact, Irish he still asked for one for his pub. 

7.) After passing a bunch of USA swim fans, I said "swimming!" and a scary man on the corner asked if I was a marijuana user. (Not to disappoint you, but I am not.) The conversation went like this:
"Do you smoke marijuana?"
"You're American"
"So you smoke marijuana" 
I was then saved by the walking man signal on the crosswalk.

8.) We got an Austrian table tennis player to try Ale-8 for a segment. Of the five people who tried it for us, most people had positive experiences. Ale-8 is a Kentucky soft drink that is essentially ginger ale. Most people were disappointed that it was not beer because they were thrown off by its green bottle. 

9.) Our WLEX page is bursting with stuff. Check out this quick clip on fencer, Lee Kiefer. That may not be strange...

10.) The possibility for purchasing swimming tickets has arrived. Cross your fingers!