Olympic Dream

When I started getting more into swimming, a very prophetic family friend said that I'd go to London. While I never made it in the swimming sense (they are so fast), I came for something else. Who would ever guess? Today a big dream came true when Courtney and I were able to purchase Finals tickets for tomorrow night's events which include the Women's 200 m. Breaststroke (my favorite event to swim) and the Men's 200 I.M., where Phelps and Lochte will compete. We're just a tad excited. 

We're just a tad silly, too.

Today we shot human interest stories which included asking people to try an Ale-8 (Kentucky soft drink) and give us their thoughts. From this experience, I realized that I would be a horrible kidnapper because I don't like trying to get people to take food. We got some good shots and everyone seems happy about it, so I would say it was a productive day! One of the guys who tried the Ale-8's name was Raffi, which took me back to the days of this:
Look familiar? This is my brother and me in pre-school.

My brother loved Raffi. I've had Baby Beluga stuck in my head all. day. long. My friends, who didn't know the song before, do also. 

Tomorrow's the day!