Watching history happen

A little while ago, I got back from watching Olympic Swimming. It was incredible. The US had a great night, except for the Women's 100 free where we finished off the medal stand in 5th and 8th places. The hype surrounded the Phelps vs. Lochte showdown (Phelps won), but my favorite part was watching Rebecca Soni break a world record and be the first woman under the 2:20 mark in the 200 m. Breaststroke. It was incredible! 

Soni, lane 4 celebrates with a smiley fist-pump.

Getting our tickets, though, was an adventure. It all started yesterday when Courtney and I attempted to scalp them. Then after hearing that more were released, we tried to buy them via wifi on my iPhone. We weren't that successful but we were near the mall so we went to the Apple store and voila! Costar came through. The problem today came when we tried to pick them up at the wrong box office (it was for a different company) and had only a little bit of time to figure out where we were going before the correct place closed. We got there in the nick of time and met a nice Canadian lady in line who had stories from the rowing venue. (BP bought out all of the sausages at the vendor and caused an uproar with the hungry fans in line. Can you blame them?) Tickets in hand, we were good to go!

My ticket outside the Aquatics Centre at Olympic Park.

The one problem was that our seats were nosebleed seats. The view was great, but I am terrified of heights. I was in quite the dilemma. 
See what I mean? 

Eventually I got over myself. The night was filled with so many thrills that you'll probably see on delay if you're home in the states. We stood up for our national anthem so many times the facility was bursting with American pride. It was a good night.