Visiting Robin Hood

Today I was a part of the skeleton crew that took a train to Nottingham to visit Taylor Amerman, a Louisville resident who was chosen to run the torch in Nottingham. She attends University of Nottingham and was one of three students from the University to run with the torch. We got to hold it! 

This is on Bathley Street in Nottingham where Taylor ran the torch.

I learned that each torch has 8,000 holes. Each hole represents a torchbearer. Also, torchbearers can choose to keep their torch for 200 pounds. Their issued uniform, however, is free. 

We then went to Robin Hood's castle to shoot some footage. Nottingham is home of Sherwood forest (which we didn't go to because it's rundown now) and the fairy tale hero. 

This is the entrance to the castle. 

While we were shooting, so many people came up to Taylor to have a photo op with the torch. The Olympic spirit is pervasive no matter where you are in England right now. 

This is Taylor and a mesmerized child. 

Eventually the photo-seekers went away and we got down to business. With some convincing, I shot the intro and outro with a very classy hat. 

This is where we shot. The "50 shades of grey" ladies were posing with my friend, Robin Hood. 

It was great to meet Taylor and it was clear that she was picked as one of the 8,000 inspirational torchbearers for a reason. She is deeply committed to helping others in and out of her corporate social responsibility field. 

It's weird that my time here is coming to an end. So much to do. Thanks for following! :)