London theatre sampler

We have been busy! Aside from traveling around London, I have gotten to see two Olympic events and meet some really cool people. The credentials that we have get us into some press conferences and today I went with Becca to a "A Celebration of London Theatre", a showcase of the West End's best known productions (like our Broadway). 

I ended up going last minute in someone else's place, so I wasn't as informed as I should have been. I went in armed with the musical theater expertise passed on by my grandmother, high school chorus friends, and the one on-Broadway play I have attended, The Lion King. 

Becca and I entered the historic Hippodrome that has been converted into a casino. In its previous life, the Hippodrome hosted entertainers like Houdini and Charlie Chaplin. We were probably the youngest people at the conference but we were in for a treat. 

We heard performers from the West End's shows: Billy Elliot, Mamma Mia!, Blood Brothers, Les Miserables, The Phantom of the Opera, and WICKED belt out songs. It was fantastic! At the end of their songs, we were able to take pictures and meet them. One person, whom I unfortunately did not get to meet was this guy named Matthew Lewis. You know, Neville Longbottom?

Sadly, 10 feet was as close as we ended up getting. Some other broadcasters were quick to snatch Neville away! 

I had no idea so many actors and actresses double-dip in both musical theater and film. Several of the others had ties to American film but I didn't recognize them. Here is the group: 

Not the best but everyone was so antsy!

Becca and I ended up talking to the producer of Shrek: The Musical. She will also be producing the first ever stage performance of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory next year. When that was mentioned earlier, the whole room gasped. I guess everyone loves childhood stories.

This is a pretty cool gig.