London bucket list

We started yesterday, our last day in London, with an agenda. Our bucket list. While we were really optimistic about what we could accomplish, time kind of got away from us. We did knock out some of our activities, though.

We started the day headed to the  Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace. After a late night the night before, it was hard to roll out of bed in time. We were all so yucky and tired so Cassie suggested Starbucks while on the Tube. As a recent Starbucks-convert and a part of a group of eager Starbucks-goers, I didn't need much convincing. We were trying to decide when we should get it but after climbing the stairs from the underground to the street, we decided it was divine providence when we were greeted by a Starbucks employee offering us free mini Frappuccinos and a discount at the store across the street. 

Poor Courtney didn't get a name. Also, my name is misspelled! 

We then went to Buckingham Palace and waited for the guards. Only, the guards never changed. 

Here we are waiting. Aren't my friends beautiful? They're also super talented and love Jesus. 

The reason why we couldn't see the guards was because the Triathlon was going by! 

It was neat seeing the bike portion go by in waves and hearing the crowd cheer. 

Cassie and I stayed to watch the Triathlon and Courtney and Becca met someone for lunch. Later we all met up at the Westfield Mall, the mall of all malls. It's 3 stories and crammed with people. It is overwhelming. It was neat to be constantly rubbing shoulders with Olympic athletes from all over the world. I can't even begin to name all of the nations represented that I have seen. After buying a few things, and forcing myself not to buy everything from the British equivalent of Vera Bradley, Cath Kidston, we decided to do some more sight seeing. 

Don't worry, we took the crosswalk picture. I just don't have it! Photo by Cassie.

We took the tube to see Abbey Road Studios, the studios of the Beatles, this small band that no one's ever heard of. On the tube we were scared by this guy who was on edge, threatening the woman and child who accidentally brushed past him, mumbling under his breath. After we got off, we were so relieved. We joined a group of other crazy people who took turns running out to pose in the famous Abbey Road crosswalk for a picture. Abbey Road is just a street. It isn't blocked off in any way. There were some close calls! 

We then met up with everyone else at the Tower Hill tube stop to get our last group dinner. We walked across the beautiful tower bridge that has the iconic Olympic rings on it right now for the games. It was starting to rain and the Thames matched the grey sky. 
Tower Bridge with the Olympic rings. Photo by Cassie.

We knew we wanted something authentic and we eventually ended up in a cozy pub, watching the games alongside lots of Team GB fans. Our food hit the spot and we had to go back to clean and pack. 

I hate packing. 

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