I'm Back

Let's just say, this school year was busy. When it all ended a few weeks ago, I found myself asking "Where did the time go?"

At family gatherings I was asked why I hadn't blogged since August. While a big part of the reason is personal laziness, here are a few other, little reasons why I have neglected my blog (in no particular order):

1.) Club Swim
One of my talented friends created an online mockumentary miniseries for an independent study that has been syndicated on Swimming World magazine's website and has gained attention from the swimming community. You don't have to be a swimmer to love it, too! Visit Club Swim's website for episodes, additional information and a super interesting blog. Seriously,  read the blog ;)

Logo courtesy of Club Swim, LLC

2.) Collegian
The Asbury Collegian had another great year, winning several national awards. It's always a good time in the News Bureau.

OK, so these aren't our national awards. Photo courtesy of Melissa Landon. 

3.) AU Swimming
Collegiate athletics take up a lot of time, but most of the time it is worth it. I finished up my last season with Asbury as a NAIA Scholar-Athlete and Appalachian Swimming Conference Scholar-Athlete.

I will say I won't miss tech suits. 

4.) This kid. 
He's the best.