You may have seen my Facebook posts of pictures from the West and cryptic statuses posted from odd locations, and then posts from home and then from California again. The whiplash you're feeling from that sentence is the feeling I have right now, as I reflect upon the last month of my life. 

Phillip's internship is in Los Angeles (super cool, right?), and we had to get there. In 3 days. Plans changed and I ended up going last-minute. We flew to Kentucky to get Phillip's car. Stayed with my roommate and her family and took off the next morning to Nebraska, where my aunt Sally lives. 

From there we drove to Colorado Springs, where Cindy, my first cousin once removed lives. 

Because it was our shortest driving day, she and her husband drove us around the Air Force Academy and Garden of the Gods. Phillip had never seen the Rockies before and fell in love with them and their snowcapped peaks. 
He was a little cold in his shorts.
We then had our longest, most awful driving day through Utah, Arizona and Nevada to Los Angeles. We stopped at a lot of the scenic stops in Utah. The rock formations were beautiful in their own way, but my skin missed its humidity. A lot. 
We stopped in Las Vegas for Phillip's first In-N-Out experience. (He's not a big hamburger fan.) After dinner we drove straight to Burbank and we stayed with my uncle, David. 
I flew out the next morning (Sunday), and we each started our internships on Monday. What a whirlwind! 
But I'm not done...
I had already booked a ticket to come and visit Phillip previous to knowing that I would be his cross-country traveling companion. Last weekend my mom and I flew out to San Diego because of a Christian Librarian Conference she had there. We drove up to LA to visit Phillip and David. I stayed in LA for a few days.
It was a good visit. 
My sleep pattern is still recovering.