Preparing for Russian warmth?

Honestly it's embarrassing how infrequently I utilize my blog (sorry, Aunt Mary Ellen!). Since I last posted so much has changed in my life, and if you're in the Hillary-news loop, you probably know that I'm about to embark on another adventure: Russia!

When I first made my blog, I thought I'd be more dedicated. Instead, this has mainly turned into a way for me to process my days when I travel, and to keep my family and friends updated on my whereabouts. I hope you enjoy it!

When I tell people that I'm going to Russia, their first response is usually something along the lines of "You better be ready to bundle up." While my time in Moscow will be cold, my time in Sochi will not be that bad because of its location on the Black Sea.

To put it in perspective, here is a comparison of Wilmore, my little college town, and Sochi:

This morning it was -4 when I walked to class! I'm pretty sure it was the first time my Floridian body was subjected to the negatives. One of my friends pointed out C.S. Lewis' comparison of the cold to the devil. I think he was on to something. Even though I consolidate my trips around campus in this weather, and I like to say "say no to snow," I decided today was the day that I would play in it for the first time since being in college.

Phillip, my fiancé, and I sledded down the hills of our school's athletic building and I actually had fun and wasn't completely miserable. One of my roommates made soup for dinner and it definitely hit the spot!

Ironically, I'm actually hoping to avoid the winter when I'm in Russia. I will try to post as frequently as possible while overseas. I'm excited and nervous and appreciate your prayers.