Moscow: Day 3

This is our last full day in the city and surprisingly, I am really sad about it. I've enjoyed my time in Moscow and it's weird to actually have to transition my thinking to going to Sochi.

Today we started with an agenda: go to the Tretyakov Gallery. We met early and spent time walking around the historic streets surrounding the gallery before viewing the art.

This was on a side of a building. Interesting, right?

This is one of the gallery's side entrances.

This is the front of the gallery.

This is one of the many beautiful cathedrals.

The gallery was huge and it seemed like every time we thought we had seen it all that there was another room. One particular painting of the return of Christ was particularly amazing to me. It took the painter 31 years to complete. Talk about dedication! Maybe he thought Jesus would come back before he finished?

I love this painting and this family was so funny to watch!

After the gallery we met up with some more of Morgan's Salvation Army connections and toured Arbat street (a tourist district) after eating at Johnny Rockets. They consider Atlanta home but have been in Moscow for 5 years as Territorial Commanders. They later took us on a car tour of the city at night and I learned so much from hearing them talk about their time here and about Russian history in general.

We stayed out late and packed our bags quickly. Tomorrow's an early morning. To Sochi we go!