This morning was early. Very early. We left the apartment suitcases in hand at 5:45 a.m. to take the metro to the airport. Our grogginess was evident because we went the wrong direction at a stop and went through the turnstile the wrong way. Luckily the lady metro attendant let us through without purchasing new passes.

We met Kyle at our favorite metro stop, Rimskaya, or as we call it, the Roman Babies. This stop is themed after Romulus and Remus. It is an easy landmark for us. Once we were all together, we boarded the metro until we reached the aero express.

The sun doesn't rise until 9ish here, so I felt like I was in a crazy dream sitting on the bus. We arrived at the airport and didn't have any major problems. Phew.

Once we got to Sochi it was very different. We were greeted like in the movies with a sign held up. We got our bags and went through the various processes required to work here. Once completed our driver took us to our hotel, which isn't exactly finished. It's a work in progress.

I arrived at my room and my door wouldn't close. I couldn't shut the door. When I tried to pull it close to seem closed it would open fully. I left some of my stuff there and put some of my more important stuff in Morgan's room. We met up with our group and took the bus to the International Broadcast Center where our professor gave us a tour and we ate McDonald's (not a lot of food options here).

This is the culprit.

Once I got back I realized that someone else had left their stuff in my room but wasn't there. I waited and eventually she returned. I thought I'd end up rooming with another Asburian because most people here end up together. Instead, I am rooming with Olga, a lovely Russian student who is finishing her master's in multimedia journalism. She's from Siberia but goes to university in Moscow. We are working the same job in the same place so we should have plenty of quality time.

Olga was instrumental in us getting moved into a new room WITH A CLOSING DOOR! When I asked previously, the front desk said they'd fix it within the day. Olga asked and we got moved. It's much better, really!

Tomorrow's our first day of work. Wish us luck!