Black Sea Adventures


Yesterday was the first day since I've been here that I have had any amount of time off, so Phillip and I walked to the Black Sea. It's about a mile from where we are staying.

The weather has been great and visiting the sea was relaxing. As we approached the sea, I was immediately reminded of why the Black Sea is called the Black Sea: its sand!

The sand is a thicker texture than the sand near the Atlantic. It felt exceptionally gritty between my toes. As we approached the water we left the sand area and moved into rocks. It was definitely different from any beach I'd ever been to before.

I found a small sliver of green sea glass.

As with any body of water, I felt the need to put my feet in. While the surrounding air was pleasantly warm, let me assure you: the water was frigid!

We really enjoyed our time sitting by the sea. It was nice to get away from the park and experience something so very familiar but so very different.