From Russia with love

Valentine's Day was not forgotten here in Sochi. Early on in my time here, my boss asked the Russian students if they celebrated Valentine's Day. "Lovers' Day?" they'd respond. From that point on, we knew we would celebrate in some way. I just had no idea I would find this when I walked into the office yesterday:

We were feelin' the love.

Life got a little more complicated when each of the workers in our compound had to recite "I love you" in Russian before getting their meal. Let's just say that my years of Latin and Chinese didn't exactly prepare me for having to teach Canadians and Koreans how to speak Russian. I was much more forgiving than my Russian counterparts when it came to judging if the recitation was adequate enough to eat.

Somehow this image of one of the Russian students surfaced among all of the Valentine's Day chaos. I don't know where it came from, but now we basically have a patron saint of the office.

Apparently this boy's father is the director of many of the students' school. They have decided that if they get in trouble for what I'm about to show you, that I will get thrown under the bus for it and they will pretend they know nothing. Thanks, guys.

There's more where these came from.